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WeForum Fit Crawl

If you haven’t already heard the chatter in the studio about the WeForum Fit Crawl, here is the scoop on what you’re missing!

We are SO excited to participate in the 2nd Annual WeForum Fit Crawl on Saturday, February 4 – $50 donation gets you into 3 studios for 3 different sweat sessions. Locally, we are participating with Younique Yoga & Coastal Core, both in Belmar. We love pairing our cardio parties with Coastal’s deep burn on the Megaformer, and a sweaty, centering yoga sesh at Younique – if you haven’t checked these studios out yet, now is your chance!


What is WeForum? The Women’s Education Forum works to educate individuals in the community (specifically women) around health and wellness, in hopes that they will bring this knowledge into their homes. Want more info, check out their website here.

Want to register for the Fit Crawl? Follow this link, pick your studios, and your schedule will be sent to you in a couple of days! See you on a bike!


The Tandem Team

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Foam Rolling – Why Do We Love to Hate It?

We’ve recently been reminded of the importance in foam rolling DAILY if you’re participating in vigorous exercise at least 4x a week. A lot of us own a foam roller, but for one reason or another, rarely use it. Whether we convince ourselves we’re too busy, or the three minute stretch post-class was enough, we ALL could use a little more foam rollin’ action in our lives. At Tandem, we’ve got regulars dancing (& sweating) it out with us 7 days a week. So, we thought, let’s spread the word on the benefits of foam rolling – you’ll be surprised at what we found!

According to an article in Shape Magazine, using a foam roller to slooooowly roll out your muscles will aid in speeding up the healing and recovery process by breaking up adhesions and scar tissue. Essentially, when you foam roll, you are giving yourself a FREE deep tissue massage!  This article on MindBodyGreen sites cellulite reduction, better sleep, and improved metabolism as some other major benefits from foam rolling. We’ve also found (through experience) that foam rolling can provide a great little ab workout – just focus on pulling that belly button in, keeping your core tight and engaged through each exercise! With so much to love, where do you start? Below find some of our favorite foam rolling exercises, all you need is your #tandembod & a foam roller (any type will work!).

Remember in each exercise, SLOWWWWW is key – make sure you are slow and controlled through each movement.

  1. Hamstrings – Place foam roller beneath right thigh. Holding yourself up using your arms, and your left leg, roll the back of your thigh over the foam roller. 30 seconds on each leg, minimum.hamstring
  2. Quads – Holding yourself in a straight arm plank, place foam roller beneath right thigh. Lower yourself so your right thigh connects with the foam roller, roll your body back and forth – 30 seconds each side minimum.quad
  3. IT Band – From the quad position, transition yourself so the foam roller is hitting your outer thigh. Focus on the area between your butt and a couple of inches above your knee. 3o seconds minimum on each side. itband
  4. Lower Back – Place the foam roller right above your bootay, keeping your knees bent, and a slight bend in your elbows. Move the foam roller up and down on your lower back. 1 minute minimum here. This is great after a class with any STEEP climbs!lowback
  5. Upper Back/Shoulders/Neck – Place the foam roller so it is parallel with your spine and find a comfortable position with your neck and head resting on the foam roller (do not let your head hang off). Bring your hands in front of your face, elbows bent in almost a prayer position, and then open your arms up. Continue this sequence with your arms for 1 minute. You should feel this in your shoulder blades, through your spine and in your neck. This is great after a class with a long arms sequence, or if you ever feel you’re holding stress/tension in your neck or shoulders. upback

If you’re interested in more foam rolling exercises, have any questions on any of the above info, or want more detailed instructions, just ask a member of our team, or email, and we will help you out!


The Tandem Team

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Stretch It Out

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Although we love our dynamic stretch together after a solid 45-60 minute sweat sesh, it is SO important that you stretch on your own as well. In this post, we review some of our favorite stretches to help open our hips, chest, and hearts! When you are riding with us multiple times a week, it is crucial that you stretch (even if it’s just 10 minutes a day) to help alleviate some of the stress riding can put on your body. We’ve found that stretching is not only good for the body, but for the mind as well – we love taking those ten minutes to meditate, think about what we are grateful for, or reflect on three amazing things that happened in our day. If you focus your mind on gratitude and positivity, you’ll find that your mind will begin to shift from looking for negative points in your day, to seeking out the positive – trust us, it works!

  1. Hip Openers
    1. Downward Dog – come into a straight arm plank, pushing your booty into the air, and dropping your head towards the floor, walk your feet out, feeling the stretch through the backs of your legs.
    2. Pigeon – come into a plank position, bring your right leg up between your hands, dropping your calf down onto the ground, hold here, or let your body come forward over your bent leg to exaggerate the stretch. Repeat with opposite leg. *See photo below for reference*
    3. Butterfly – laying on your back, bring your feet together, bottom of your feet touching, feeling the stretch through your inner thigh and hip.
  2. Chest Openers
    1. Bring your arms in prayer position behind your back, even if your palms do not touch, just hold what feels comfortable for you, taking a few deep breaths in and out, heart open, feeling the stretch in your chest and forearms. *See photo below for reference*
    2. Grab a towel, holding onto each end, bring your arms up over head, moving your body gently from right to left, feeling the stretch in your chest, and down your side body as you move from side to side. Hold center, and on each side for at least 30 seconds each.
    3. Grab a towel, bringing it back behind your butt, grab each side of the towel behind you, while bringing your head and torso down towards the floor, move your arms up, feeling the stretch in your chest as your bring your arms back and up towards your head.
  3. Lower Back
    1. Sitting on your bum, legs out in front, bring one leg in to your chest, hugging it here for a few breaths, release it down across your other leg. Inhaling in, bring one arm across the crossed leg, feeling the stretch in your lower back. Repeat with opposite leg. *See photo below for reference*
    2. Laying on your back bring one foot up to your chest, leaving the other flat on the ground, hugging that leg as close to your body as feels comfortable. Repeat with opposite leg.
    3. Laying on your back, bring one leg up to your chest, and then bring it across your body, using one arm to pull your leg as far across your body as feels comfortable. Repeat with opposite leg.

As always, let any of our instructors know if you have any questions, or if you want any additional stretches to try on your own!

Much Love,

The Tandem Team

*Photo References – Click the Image to Enlarge*


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