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Instructor Spotlight: Katelyn S.

If you haven’t already caught the beat with Katelyn S, you are missing out! When this girl isn’t bringing the heat on the bike, you can find her teaching 4th Grade Special Ed in Wall Township, or in Red Bank as an instructor at Pure Barre. Here, get to know more about our girl!
TC: What song are you loving to dance it out to right now?
KS: Ed Sheeran “Shape of You”
TC: Speaking of dancing it out – favorite move on the bike?
KS: Tapbacks! or Pushups in 3rd
TC: Favorite thing about teaching at Tandem?
KS: When people leave happier than when they walked in the studio. I love when people come to me after and ask “what song was that?!” Or tell me “That was awesome!!” I want people to focus on how they FEEL when they’re on the bike more than how they look after the workout! 🙂
TC: Where can we find you when you are not on the bike?
KS: At the barre! or trying out another new workout. I recently tried a workout on the megaformer and it kicked my butt!
TC: Guilty pleasure?
KS: Cupcakes from Papa Ganache Vegan Bakery
TC: Favorite pre or post ride snack?
KS:post (or pre) I love a good juice. Anything with oranges or mangoes!
TC:Anything else you want the tribe to know?
KS: A good song can change your whole day!
Thanks to Katelyn for bringing her bright energy into the studio, catch her on the bike Monday’s at 7:30 and Thursday’s at 6:30!
The Tandem Team
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November at Tandem!

As we close out Thanksgiving & the month of November, we are overcome with gratitude for our incredible community. You all continue to inspire us with your dedication, willingness to push yourselves &  the INCREDIBLE energy you bring into the studio each day. THANK YOU #TANDEMTRIBE! We reflect on some of the highlights of this month below.

  1. Teen Ride – We introduced the Teen Ride this month & are so happy with its success! We loved meeting all of the new riders, and are so excited to continue to sweat with you! Moving forward, we will run the Teen Ride the first Thursday of each month at 4:30pm.
  2. Donors Choose – This month we were able to donate “Boogie Boards” (LCD eWriters) to the Asbury Park Pre-K through 2nd grade classes to help them practice writing. Be sure to check out the mirror in the studio for December’s project.
  3. Instructor Auditions – We kicked off our instructor auditions at the beginning of the month – these will be rolling into the new year, so if you’ve ever thought about leading our tribe email us at ridetandem@tandem-cycle.com to set up an audition.
  4. Taylor Swift & Hip Hop Theme Rides – We kicked of November dancing it out with some theme rides. We “shook it off” during the Taylor Swift ride with AK & got down to some of our favorite hip hop artists during the Hip Hop ride with Katelyn S! Check MindBody the first Tuesday/Thursday of each month to stay in the loop with our latest theme rides!
  5. Turkey Burn – Our 90 minute Turkey Burn with MC was a MAJOR highlight this month. You guys clipped in, brought the heat, and absolutely SLAYED! Your energy, and commitment to get stronger together made those 90 minutes FLY by! Stay tuned for another 90 minute ride around NYE!img_5406

We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening as we head into the new year, so be sure to check the announcement board at the front desk, and do not  wait until 2017 to start to better yourself. Give love, spread joy & RIDE TANDEM into this holiday season!


The Tandem Team

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Foam Rolling – Why Do We Love to Hate It?

We’ve recently been reminded of the importance in foam rolling DAILY if you’re participating in vigorous exercise at least 4x a week. A lot of us own a foam roller, but for one reason or another, rarely use it. Whether we convince ourselves we’re too busy, or the three minute stretch post-class was enough, we ALL could use a little more foam rollin’ action in our lives. At Tandem, we’ve got regulars dancing (& sweating) it out with us 7 days a week. So, we thought, let’s spread the word on the benefits of foam rolling – you’ll be surprised at what we found!

According to an article in Shape Magazine, using a foam roller to slooooowly roll out your muscles will aid in speeding up the healing and recovery process by breaking up adhesions and scar tissue. Essentially, when you foam roll, you are giving yourself a FREE deep tissue massage!  This article on MindBodyGreen sites cellulite reduction, better sleep, and improved metabolism as some other major benefits from foam rolling. We’ve also found (through experience) that foam rolling can provide a great little ab workout – just focus on pulling that belly button in, keeping your core tight and engaged through each exercise! With so much to love, where do you start? Below find some of our favorite foam rolling exercises, all you need is your #tandembod & a foam roller (any type will work!).

Remember in each exercise, SLOWWWWW is key – make sure you are slow and controlled through each movement.

  1. Hamstrings – Place foam roller beneath right thigh. Holding yourself up using your arms, and your left leg, roll the back of your thigh over the foam roller. 30 seconds on each leg, minimum.hamstring
  2. Quads – Holding yourself in a straight arm plank, place foam roller beneath right thigh. Lower yourself so your right thigh connects with the foam roller, roll your body back and forth – 30 seconds each side minimum.quad
  3. IT Band – From the quad position, transition yourself so the foam roller is hitting your outer thigh. Focus on the area between your butt and a couple of inches above your knee. 3o seconds minimum on each side. itband
  4. Lower Back – Place the foam roller right above your bootay, keeping your knees bent, and a slight bend in your elbows. Move the foam roller up and down on your lower back. 1 minute minimum here. This is great after a class with any STEEP climbs!lowback
  5. Upper Back/Shoulders/Neck – Place the foam roller so it is parallel with your spine and find a comfortable position with your neck and head resting on the foam roller (do not let your head hang off). Bring your hands in front of your face, elbows bent in almost a prayer position, and then open your arms up. Continue this sequence with your arms for 1 minute. You should feel this in your shoulder blades, through your spine and in your neck. This is great after a class with a long arms sequence, or if you ever feel you’re holding stress/tension in your neck or shoulders. upback

If you’re interested in more foam rolling exercises, have any questions on any of the above info, or want more detailed instructions, just ask a member of our team, or email ridetandem@tandem-cycle.com, and we will help you out!


The Tandem Team

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