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November at Tandem!

As we close out Thanksgiving & the month of November, we are overcome with gratitude for our incredible community. You all continue to inspire us with your dedication, willingness to push yourselves &  the INCREDIBLE energy you bring into the studio each day. THANK YOU #TANDEMTRIBE! We reflect on some of the highlights of this month below.

  1. Teen Ride – We introduced the Teen Ride this month & are so happy with its success! We loved meeting all of the new riders, and are so excited to continue to sweat with you! Moving forward, we will run the Teen Ride the first Thursday of each month at 4:30pm.
  2. Donors Choose – This month we were able to donate “Boogie Boards” (LCD eWriters) to the Asbury Park Pre-K through 2nd grade classes to help them practice writing. Be sure to check out the mirror in the studio for December’s project.
  3. Instructor Auditions – We kicked off our instructor auditions at the beginning of the month – these will be rolling into the new year, so if you’ve ever thought about leading our tribe email us at ridetandem@tandem-cycle.com to set up an audition.
  4. Taylor Swift & Hip Hop Theme Rides – We kicked of November dancing it out with some theme rides. We “shook it off” during the Taylor Swift ride with AK & got down to some of our favorite hip hop artists during the Hip Hop ride with Katelyn S! Check MindBody the first Tuesday/Thursday of each month to stay in the loop with our latest theme rides!
  5. Turkey Burn – Our 90 minute Turkey Burn with MC was a MAJOR highlight this month. You guys clipped in, brought the heat, and absolutely SLAYED! Your energy, and commitment to get stronger together made those 90 minutes FLY by! Stay tuned for another 90 minute ride around NYE!img_5406

We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening as we head into the new year, so be sure to check the announcement board at the front desk, and do not  wait until 2017 to start to better yourself. Give love, spread joy & RIDE TANDEM into this holiday season!


The Tandem Team

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October at Tandem!

We’ve got a lot to be grateful for as we look back on the month of October! Here is a quick recap on some of the highlights last month:

  1. Our Donors Choose project for October was providing math supplies for Point Pleasant’s Pre-K class. As a reminder, every time you ride with us at Tandem, you are helping give back to your local community. Every month we donate 1% of our gross sales to Donors Choose, an organization that allows teachers who cannot get funding through their school to post projects for their classrooms online, so people like us can help fund them!
  2. Introduced our NEW Bike + Body Burn class – 30 minutes dancing it out on the bike, followed by 25 minutes of strengthening & toning exercises, and a 5 minute stretch. If you haven’t already, check it out: Thursday’s 8:15am and Monday’s 9:30am.
  3. We participated in the First Annual Manasquan Elementary School Health Fair with our local businesses helping to keep our community healthy! We met a few new faces, and have some exciting partnership events coming down the pike!
  4. LuLu Lemon sponsored a Halloween themed Ride or Die Ride – we tapped it back to some big, bad beats, got some amazing swag (thank you LuLu Freehold!), had some DELISH juice from Kalio’s Juice Box (locations in Point Pleasant Beach, Ortley Beach, and Lavallette – best smoothie bowls & juices around!) & had some AMAZING costumes. Our costume contest winner, Adrianna, killed it with her mermaid themed workout get up & won a super cute workout tote filled with goodies from LuLu, Kalio’s & Tandem – already stoked for next year!


We are SO grateful for your continued support & energy in the studio – stay tuned for another amazing month with us as we #FALLinTANDEM


The Tandem Team



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…&& the #TandemTribe has a lot to celebrate! In this post, we talk with three members of our amazing community – two brides, Melissa & Steph, and one Mother of the Bride, Annmarie – on the big day, the planning process and more. First, we talk to Melissa about her beautiful wedding in Ocean, NJ.

Tandem: Tell us a little about your love story with husband, Adam!

Melissa: Adam and I met in high school in Brick and dated all four years. We went our separate ways during college, in large part because we were seven hours apart by car, but we got back together when I returned to the NYC area for work. We dated another 10 years and then finally figured it was time to make it official!

Tandem: It’s crazy how life brings the right people back to you, what a journey for you two! On to the wedding day, can you pick a favorite part?

Melissa: The whole day was magical, but I think it was when the groom and groomsmen arrived at the wedding venue. All the bridesmaids were peeking out the windows watching them get out of the limo, and I realized I couldn’t wait to see my groom and get married! Dancing was also amazing – having all those friends and family members in one place, cutting loose, is so awesome.

Tandem: Sounds like an absolute blast! How did you decide on a dress for such a MAJOR day?

Melissa: I had a vision in mind (lace, A-line), and the first two dress shops I visited didn’t have any that fit my vision. I tried on several lace mermaid/trumpet styles that I really liked, and almost bought, but thankfully I held out for dress shop #3 which had my perfect dress and in my budget (David Tutera for Mon Cheri’s “Wyomia” from Castle Couture in Manalapan).


Tandem: Well, you were STUNNING! You took shedding for the wedding to another level – tell the tribe how Tandem helped you prepare for the big day.

Melissa: Tandem helped me to get in shape — I dropped about 2 dress sizes by toning up my midsection, arms, and legs — but it also provided a much needed stress release.  Breathing deeply, clearing your mind of wedding worries, and just sweating for 45-60 minutes does wonders for the psyche!


Tandem: We have a few newly engaged members of our tribe – what is your advice for brides to be?

Melissa: Weddings are so stressful because they require a lot of planning (time) and money (particularly in the Tri-State area) and other people (especially moms) may have their own visions of what your day should look like. Prioritize what is most important to you and splurge a little in those areas (for us, it was food!). Try to stay true to your vision but accept that it probably won’t look like the StyleMePretty blog (but will still be awesome!). Embrace and enjoy being “the bride” while you have the chance. And don’t be too hard on your fiancé because he is not nearly as interested in flowers and colors as you are.

Tandem: Awesome advice – one last question – how was the honeymoon?!

Melissa: We went to Antigua for a few days – it was glorious!


Now, Annmarie breaks down the MOB perspective for us, as mom to beautiful bride, Michele, in their upstate NY celebration.

Tandem: Let’s start with some reflection for the Tandem community, looking back, what is some advice you would offer to new brides & their moms?

Annmarie: My advice – get yourselves organized- set a budget and then prepare to go over that budget! – get your venue and vendors in order – keep accurate records regarding dates and times – ask lots of questions! Ask for referrals, and don’t be afraid to ask if they are willing to discount their services to suit your budget.  You may be surprised.  Don’t forget to communicate with the groom to be – he may have some ideas of his own! Most importantly, enjoy every minute of creating your dream wedding  – it is such a fun time, and passes by so quickly!

Tandem: It sounds like you have it figured out! How did Tandem helped manage some of the planning stress?

Annmarie: Planning a wedding is a stressful endeavor regardless of how well organized you are – little things come up – but taking the time each day to ride at Tandem and being reminded in the beginning of each class that “the next 45 minuets are yours”   allows you to clear your mind – let go of your thoughts -release your stress during your workout and make a fresh start – to put things into perspective with a clear, more relaxed mind.

Tandem: We love that we could help! What’s a favorite memory from the planning process?

Annmarie: My favorite part of the planning was wedding dress shopping with Michele.  Michele decided she wanted  to shop with her sister Toniann, my husband and myself. The four of us took a few days and went from dress shop to dress shop both in New York and New Jersey trying to find the perfect dress – and in our opinion, she succeeded.  When she came out with the dress she eventually chose, we all knew that it was the one.  We went out to dinner and celebrated – it was a special time.


Tandem: What a beautiful memory for your family – what about your dress, how did you decide on yours?

Annmarie: Deciding on  my dress was not an easy task – my mom actually chose my dress.  I knew what I didn’t want to wear – I just had to find what I wanted to wear – I drove everyone crazy, including the girls at Tandem 🙂  We found my dress in a shop in Connecticut, and had it altered to what I thought would be right for the day – I was still looking for a dress up until the week of the wedding!


Tandem: You looked amazing- the dress was perfect! What about the day of, favorite memory?

Annmarie: My favorite part of the day is hard to choose, it was such a magical day –  but I think when her processional song began, and I saw her and her dad walking through the field –  it was such a special moment – so beautiful. But, a close tie would be Michele and David’s ceremony – a friend of David’s family married them which made it so personal – their vows were so heartfelt – you could feel the love in the air!


Finally, Steph talks with us about her love story & experience with wedding planning!


Tandem: We constantly hear how stressful planning can be, yet you really prioritized your fitness, how did Tandem help you get through the more stressful parts of wedding planning?

Steph: Tandem became my place of zen. I joined Tandem on New Years Eve and had my first ride with AK. I knew there was something special in that studio. The energy in the room was so contagious and really made me feel alive. I started going as a way to shake up my workout routine and it became something that I wanted to do all the time. Not only did it help transform my body, it helped refocus my energy and mind anytime the stresses of wedding planning started to creep on my psyche. Now that the wedding is over, going to the studio just reminds me of the journey I went on for myself. It’s a place to reconnect with me and ride it out, the good and bad.

Tandem: Tell us a little bit about you & your NOW HUBBY’s love story!
Steph: The short version, we met in a bar during the NCAA tournaments, but the longer story is that I had “declared” one day that the next guy I dated had to be Southern. All my friends joked that I would have a hard time finding a Southern man in Jersey but I brushed them off. Two weeks later, I bump into this guy at a bar in Belmar and knew he talked a little different so I asked, “you don’t sound like you’re from here” to which he laughed and replied, “well that’s because I’m from Kentucky.” My friends thought it was a total “Steph” thing to happen. We dated for about a year before we got engaged, going on adventures throughout the entire year because he actually moved to North Carolina for 3 months right after we started dating for work. It was tough but I think we both knew right away that there was something special between us and had to make it work. We got engaged in April of 2015 in Spring Lake following a walk through the Divine Park where he had his two friends play our “song” on guitar. It was perfect.
Tandem: That seems like it is out of a movie – what a gem! What was a highlight of planning the big day?
Steph: I had a lot of fun putting the menu together to reflect both our cultures. I’m Latina and he’s southern, so it was really important to us that our culture was featured. We also had a lot of fun weaving a few “How I Met Your Mother” tokens throughout the wedding.
Tandem: What about once the day finally arrived, reflecting on your wedding, what was your favorite part?
Steph: I think my favorite part of the day was our vows. We had both decided to write our own and I had been so excited to share them with each other throughout the entire planning process. It was the biggest “secret” we had kept from each other. While we were reading them it felt as though we were the only two people there even though I felt the incredible energy from all our friends and family.
Tandem: The dress options seem almost endless from Pinterest, Instagram, etc – how did you decide on yours?
Steph: This part is so interesting. The dress I picked absolutely did not match what I had in my head. I went to a dress shop and the rep put me in a bunch of dresses I “thought” I wanted, then, she picked out a ringer, just for fun and it turned out to be “THE DRESS”. It was amazing and I felt so “me” in it.
Tandem: The dress, the hair…you looked absolutely GORGEOUS! Lastly, what is your advice for newly engaged brides to be?
Steph: Don’t be afraid to put your foot down. There are going to be a lot of voices offering advice throughout your wedding planning process and it’s so important that you and your fiance are on the same page for how you envision the big day. Want kids at the wedding? Casual and laid back reception? Destination wedding? Whatever it is that you want- stick to your guns! Sometimes, in order to avoid friction, we’ll go back on our plan and then kick ourselves afterwards. On that same note though, when you’re feeling stressed out with the planning remember that what matters most is that you will be soon marrying your best friend and the stresses will fade away soon. PS! One more thing- don’t let Pinterest drive you crazy. There are so many ideas and you will go broke if you try to do them all. ha!

Thank you Melissa, Annmarie & Steph for taking the time to share your experience, and advice with the #TandemTribe!



The Tandem Team

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Our Favorite #BeautyHacks

We are always looking for new ways to stay fresh after a sweat sesh – here some of our instructors share some of their go-to beauty routines.

KENDALL Z. – I keep a big pack of baby wipes in my gym bag, and immediately wipe my face after class. You’re sweating out bacteria and gunk and if ya don’t get it off quickly it’ll stay and form a pimple. Andddd baby wipes can help you feel clean all over 😳😂🙈! I also keep Dove Dry Spray in my bag so I can freshen up quickly!

AK – My recent obsession is Coconut Oil – twice a week I leave it in my hair overnight, teach in the morning, and then shower (make sure you sleep with a towel down, shower cap on, or an old pillow case as some will transfer onto the pillowcase)! I also LOVE Coastal Salt & Soul’s Blushing Peony scented anything – especially the Blissful Body Butter to help my skin stay moisturized from all the sweating/showering.

CHELSEA K. – My newest go to is Makeup ForeverPRO > BRONZE FUSION– it’s waterproof, so I’m not dripping brown drops during/after class!

KATELYN S. – Post class, I use oil-free makeup remover wipes to remove sweat and left over makeup. I follow up with Mario Badescus Rose Water Spray on the my face and neck to refresh and get skin glowing, then apply Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and my post workout glow is perfect!

MC – I swear by Klorane Dry Shampoo to counter the post-ride ponytail.

ALICIA R. – I am obsessed with Honest Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes post-sweat! I also cannot live without Batiste Dry Shampoo, this Vita Liberata bronzer & this moisturizer by Charlotte Tilbury!

Have a beauty secret you think the #TandemTribe should know? Email us at ridetandem@tandem-cycle.com for a chance to be featured in our next post!


The Tandem Team

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Instructor EATTSSSS

Heading into swimsuit season, we are always looking for delicious & healthy pre and post ride snacks. Here, some of our instructors share their faves:

Katelyn – Honey Balsamic Brussel Sprouts. Super easy & delish – Heat oven to 400 degrees. Cut brussels in halves, toss in salt & pepper, and a little olive oil. Bake for 25 minutes, or until crispy & brown on edges. Toss in 1 Tsp honey, and 1 Tsp balsamic vinegar until coated. I literally eat bowls of them!


MC – Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel English muffin with peanut butter, and a green juice!


AK – Avocado Toast. Super easy & delish! I use 1 or 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread, toast it up,  mash 1 avocado, add garlic salt, pepper, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes & Sriricha – so bomb. trust me.


Have a favorite go-to healthy snack? Share it with us! Comment below for a chance to be featured in our newsletter!

Much Love,

The Tandem Team

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#TandemTribe Feature – Annmarie F. & Kristina M.

For our first #TandemTribe article, we could not think of a better duo than Annmarie & Kristina. These two have supported us unconditionally and continue to bring their incredible energy into the studio every single day. It seemed only right that we reflect on their past year here at Tandem, a little bit about their friendship, and what they love about the Tandem community. Check out our interview with these two #frontrowlocals:


TC: We love you two! It’s been so amazing watching your growth over the past year at Tandem – seeing your faces in the front row makes our day. Can you tell us about some of the initial challenges you both dealt with when you first started tapping it back with us?

KM: I faced quite a few challenges when I first started at Tandem: I couldn’t ride to the beat, my legs were all over the place, I kept unclipping out of the pedals, I couldn’t stand up, or do a tap back. I kept trying so hard  to keep up with everyone else, when instead I should have slowed it down, and listened to my own body. Once I started to do that, I became stronger, faster, and more confident, and now I love pushing and tapping!

AF: My initial challenge was getting in the door at Tandem – I was convinced I would not like spin. I like outdoor activities: riding my bike, walking, and running. I came to my first Tandem class with my daughter, Michele, just to spend more time with her. Once I started riding regularly, I had a very hard time keeping up. It took me a while to feel comfortable on the bike, especially not hurting my tailbone during arms – but MC gave me a few tips, and now I can’t get enough!

TC: What advice would you give to a new rider?

KM: Stick with it! It’s going to take a few rides before you actually “catch the beat”, or master how to work your resistance, all while simultaneously listening to the instructor – but once you do get it (and you will!) you’re going to love it – it just gets better and better!

AF: Don’t give up. These classes are not easy, especially if you’re new to spin, but with the help/motivation you receive from the instructors, you will settle right in! Give yourself time – spin at your own pace – have patience – I can promise you before long you’ll feel like a much healthier/better version of yourself.

TC: Talk to us about moving from the third row to the front row.

KM: I used to really like the third row because I could see what everyone else was doing, and follow along.  However, as I got more comfortable on the bike, I was told I should try the front row. I finally gave it a try, and it was a game changer! I like the front row because I am able to see myself in the mirror, allowing me to really focus on my technique, and see how I move my body. Now, I can’t imagine not riding in the front row.

AF: Moving from my comfy spot in the 2nd row to the front row terrified me. I felt that I needed someone in front of me to follow, and to hide behind if need be :). Not true! MC asked us to move one day, so, of course, we obliged. Not so scary up there! In fact, I think having a clear view of the instructor, and the ability to see yourself in the mirror makes for a better ride when you’re speeding along, or huffing and puffing through the class.

TC: Did you two know each other before Tandem?

KM: I never knew Annmarie before Tandem. When I first started here we were both new to spinning, and were going to all the same classes, so we would talk before and after class. As time went on, we became closer and now we’re great friends – I’m really glad I met her!

AF: Kristina and I did not know each other – we met at Tandem. We both started spinning mid-summer. After seeing each other almost every day, we started talking and haven’t stopped since! At first we talked about challenges we both faced regarding spin class. We discussed the instructors and agreed on what our favorite classes were. We moved on from there to everything from mutual friends, children, family, and the challenges life throws at you. We usually find something to text each other about during the day as well. I consider Kristina a special person and a friend, a very important part of my day, and just one more wonderful thing I have gained from Tandem.

TC: In your own words, what makes Tandem different from other gyms/studios?

KM: The people behind Tandem make it different from any other gym I’ve been to.When I first came into the studio, I knew nothing about spinning, and was a bit nervous about starting something new. From the very beginning, I was welcomed and encouraged, and because of that I’ve changed not only my whole look out on exercise and health, but also my life! I don’t feel like it’s a place I just come to workout, you can tell the instructors really enjoy what they’re doing,  and want you to reach your goals. You feel like you’re apart of something, and that’s what makes Tandem above the rest!

AF: Tandem is different from other gyms/studios in so many ways. I have joined quite a few of the years, and never felt so at home – such a sense of belonging/inclusive atmosphere. Everyone here is so welcoming and friendly. During class, you can feel the energy in the room – its as if we are all working together, regardless of your age or athletic ability – we are working towards one common goal – to leave everything else behind for that short time, and just do your best.

TC: Thank you both for the kind words!  What’s your favorite song to hear in the studio?

KM: I’m loving Indian Summer by Jai Wolf!

AF: I love a lot of the songs that were played when I first started: Cake By the Ocean, Run Away With Me, Try Me, and Ex’s & Oh’s.

TC: Any go-to healthy snacks you refuel with after a class?

KM: I love making a Raw Fit Chocolate Protein shake with 1/2 of a banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tsp of almond butter, and 1 tsp of coconut oil over ice.

AF: My go to breakfast after spin is a hardboiled egg with avocado, sliced tomato, and Frank’s hot sauce.  I also love to grab a Strawberry Fields shake from Rejuicenation.

TC: We can’t wait to try all three of those! What about outside the studio – where can we find each of you when you are not killing it in the front row?

KM: If I’m not at Tandem, you can find me at work for a for a local dentist in Spring Lake, or enjoying the beach life with my husband and 3 year old twin boys!!

AF: When I am not at Tandem, you can find me at work with my hubby, walking my dog, Sophie, or – when it finally warms up- on the beach! I also love to bake, cook and feed people, so check my kitchen!

TC: Thank you both so much for your time, continued support, and great energy in the studio!

Much Love,

The Tandem Team


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What Are We Drinkin’? – The Patte Special

You may have noticed our Tandem water bottles filled with an orange drink recently – let us enlighten you to the delicious #PatteSpecial. A member of the #TandemTribe, Patte P., introduced us to this nutrient rich drink a couple of months ago, and we cannot get enough! The best part? The ingredients are super simple! Check it out:


Patte Special
1/2 Coconut Water
1/2 H20
1 Freshly Squeezed Honeybee Orange (or whatever Orange you have available)

This drink is great pre, post, or even during your ride with us. It’s also a great recovery drink after a night on the town :). We love coconut water because it’s rich in electrolytes (including potassium which is great for muscle soreness), natural sugar, and fiber.

Give the Patte Special a try, and let us know what you think!

Much Love,

The Tandem Team

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Stretch It Out

Tandem logo thicker final 2 with cycle

Although we love our dynamic stretch together after a solid 45-60 minute sweat sesh, it is SO important that you stretch on your own as well. In this post, we review some of our favorite stretches to help open our hips, chest, and hearts! When you are riding with us multiple times a week, it is crucial that you stretch (even if it’s just 10 minutes a day) to help alleviate some of the stress riding can put on your body. We’ve found that stretching is not only good for the body, but for the mind as well – we love taking those ten minutes to meditate, think about what we are grateful for, or reflect on three amazing things that happened in our day. If you focus your mind on gratitude and positivity, you’ll find that your mind will begin to shift from looking for negative points in your day, to seeking out the positive – trust us, it works!

  1. Hip Openers
    1. Downward Dog – come into a straight arm plank, pushing your booty into the air, and dropping your head towards the floor, walk your feet out, feeling the stretch through the backs of your legs.
    2. Pigeon – come into a plank position, bring your right leg up between your hands, dropping your calf down onto the ground, hold here, or let your body come forward over your bent leg to exaggerate the stretch. Repeat with opposite leg. *See photo below for reference*
    3. Butterfly – laying on your back, bring your feet together, bottom of your feet touching, feeling the stretch through your inner thigh and hip.
  2. Chest Openers
    1. Bring your arms in prayer position behind your back, even if your palms do not touch, just hold what feels comfortable for you, taking a few deep breaths in and out, heart open, feeling the stretch in your chest and forearms. *See photo below for reference*
    2. Grab a towel, holding onto each end, bring your arms up over head, moving your body gently from right to left, feeling the stretch in your chest, and down your side body as you move from side to side. Hold center, and on each side for at least 30 seconds each.
    3. Grab a towel, bringing it back behind your butt, grab each side of the towel behind you, while bringing your head and torso down towards the floor, move your arms up, feeling the stretch in your chest as your bring your arms back and up towards your head.
  3. Lower Back
    1. Sitting on your bum, legs out in front, bring one leg in to your chest, hugging it here for a few breaths, release it down across your other leg. Inhaling in, bring one arm across the crossed leg, feeling the stretch in your lower back. Repeat with opposite leg. *See photo below for reference*
    2. Laying on your back bring one foot up to your chest, leaving the other flat on the ground, hugging that leg as close to your body as feels comfortable. Repeat with opposite leg.
    3. Laying on your back, bring one leg up to your chest, and then bring it across your body, using one arm to pull your leg as far across your body as feels comfortable. Repeat with opposite leg.

As always, let any of our instructors know if you have any questions, or if you want any additional stretches to try on your own!

Much Love,

The Tandem Team

*Photo References – Click the Image to Enlarge*


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Welcome to the Tandem Cycle Blog!

Hellooooo #TandemTribe!

Welcome to our blog! Here you can find our favorite beauty hacks, what our instructors are cookin’ up, information about the ahh-mazing Tandem community & more.

Thank you for your support & bringing your contagious energy to the studio every day!

Stay tuned for weekly updates!


The Tandem Team

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