December at Tandem!

December had us sweating, pressing & tapping through the holidays! From a couple of speciality rides to our Fitmas challenge, we were not short of inspiration in our studio this month!

1. We kicked things off with our Theme Tuesday/Thursday Nights – this month we threw it back with a Boy Bands Detox Ride & then battled it out with our Kanye vs. Jay & Bey Signature 45.

2. Christmas Eve we doubled down with MC for our SLAYYY ride to get you movin’ & groovin’ to some Christmas beats before some (well-deserved) Christmas day loungin’.


3. You guys KILLED IT during our “Fitmas” Challenge with Coastal Core Fitness – we are still collecting Bingo boards but the winner will be announced shortly! If you missed out, be sure to stop by Coastal Core for a FREE first class – we love the combination of our cardio party with their gooooddd burnnnn on the Megaformer!


4. Our LIVE DJ RIDE had everyone PUMPED up for their NYE plans. DJ Za came and dropped some absolutely FIRE beats, while Local Urban Kitchen & Kulture Kombucha helped us refuel for the night with some delicious post ride juice, snacks & kombucha!



Feeling FOMO? Don’t worry we’ve got an exciting month & year ahead for our #tandemtribe – so clip in, turn up, & join this community – what do you have to lose?


The Tandem Team





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